What is an X-ray?
X-Ray studies have been around for 100 years. However, they are still one of the most effective studies for a

wide range of situations. A highly trained technician (Radiographer) will take your X-ray. X-rays pass through different density body parts in different quantities. This creates a 2D image showing the various structures of your body.


IMPORTANT: If you think you could be pregnant, please tell the Receptionist when you book and the Radiographer BEFORE your scan. 


Booking an X-Ray

We conduct over 150 X-Ray studies every day so it is best if you can phone a practice to make a booking. This will avoid the chance of a long wait (which we don't want).


Most X-Rays can be done on the same day but if you phone us we will give you a time, which will save you waiting.


You must bring your Request form

We can't legally perform any examination without a Request form from your Doctor, so you must bring this with you. We also need your Medicare card and any old films or CDs you have of previous scans. 


How do I prepare?
There is generally very little preparation for an X-Ray. You may be asked to change into a patient gown.


What happens during the Examination?
During your x-ray you will be asked to lie, sit, or stand against an x-ray cassette. You will be asked to keep still while the x-ray is being taken (which usually takes a fraction of a second). The images will be processed by our software to produce images that the specialist Doctor will analyse.


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